Sunday, August 25, 2013

OOTD: Polka Dots Vintage Dress

I bet everyone of us keep in our wardrobe some special vintage dress,very old  garment, or piece of antique jewellery that we wouldn't get rid off, no matter what. I am in this situation with this vintage polka dress.

Why is this dress so special to me? I would say it is a piece of 'family legacy'. My grandmother made this dress for my mum in 1975. Some months later my parents got married and my mum took this dress for their honey moon journey all around Spain. My grandma was a seamtress and a truly visionary in the fashion world, as she used to create for my mum amazing dresses in the 70's that perfectly could fit in 2013. As an example, the dress I am wearing for today's OOTD post.

This dress is perfect for summer as it is made in chiffon. Everything including the black belt and the back buttons are the original ones. I have to thank my mum how well she has kept this dress safe through the years, till it could fit me!

I just wish I'd have a daughter in the uiture so she can keep the family tradition :)

*I complete the outfit with my black heels from Mango (last season)


  1. Oh, that dress is lovely and I love how the back is open .. <3


  2. Classical look, you look so cute!