Sunday, August 18, 2013

I Love Street Markets, and You'll Know Why

Everybody that knows me enough is aware that I am a fan of street markets or the so called 'bazars'. Every time I am able to visit one, I just love to wander around or even get lost, wondering what pieces of jewellery 'llI find (I am proud to say that I am a pro finding great stuff!) or  amazing bargains.

My favourite street market by far is in the HUGE 250 year-old one in the city of Madrid. Each Sunday morning, 'El Rastro' opens with around 3500 different stalls, where you can find from the best vintage clothes, accesories, and unique antiques, making this place a paradise for collectors all over the world.

'El Rastro' on the XIX century and now.

Obviously, not all street markets are as big as the one in Madrid,but  most of cities have these 'magical places', how I like to call them. If you just take your time and patience to look and compare, you can always find really cute stuff.

If you have been visiting my blog, maybe you have noticed that most of all necklaces, rings and bracelets I show on my outfit posts are bought in these kind of markets.

Today I wanted t show you my latests purchases and probe that, sometimes, it's really worth to cope with a mass of people from time to time ;)

Statement collar: 4€
Chain coloured necklace 5€
Golden Necklace 2€ (yeah, ridiculous price...)
Spiked necklace 3€

What do you think about street markets?


  1. If they´re not too overcrowded I like them too! Too bad they´re always so early in the morning!

    1. haha yeah, you have get up early in the morning and arrive soon before all good stuff is gone! :) xo

  2. I love street markets! You can find such lovely hand crafted items at these street fairs.