Tuesday, August 27, 2013

August Wishlist

Hello there! It is amazing how time flies!. The end of August is around the corner, that means summer is about to finish, and my mind is already looking for stuff that I can still keep wearing in the last days of summer but also in the next weeks, when weather is supposed to be a bit colder and less sunny.

Below are some examples of what I mean. Garments you can still combine with sandals for hot summer days, or tights in the first weeks of  autum, but still colorful and bright tones. Because my motto, till 21st of September arrives, is going to be: "Keep summer spirit as much as you can!"

August Wishlist

1. Denim Miniskirt - Topshop - Available here
2. Layla Gold Detailed Platforms - Topshop - Available here
3. Purple Scrunchie - American Apparel - Available here
4. Pink Maxi Skirt - Mango - Available here
5. Hydra-Smooth Lip Colour - Benefit - Available here
6. Bow Ring - Hellomissapple - Available here
7. Shopper Bag - Zara - Available here
8. Red Dress - Mango - Available here


  1. I want the skirt and red dress from Mango, i love Mango clothes! Nice post!


  2. Absolutely love the chunky sandals! Need a pair just like them, it may be fall but it's warm and sunny where I am :)

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