Monday, December 3, 2012

Outfit of the day: Simply Green

Hello all!
How's being your Monday? Today I feel much better from flue, in fact I woke up this morning feeling ok and  I went to work, althought my throat still hurts like hell and I think I'm about to get hoarse...but apart of that, my day has been pretty good!

My inspiration:
Today I was in the mood of wearing green but I didn't want to abuse of wearing too much of this colour because, in my opinion, you run the risk of looking like a lettuce!,  so I decided to mix green with brown ankle boots and silver rings.
Dress - H&H
Brown Ankle Boots - Mojo Moxy
Green Jade Necklace - Rosantica Raissa
Flower Ring - Accesorize
Celtic Ring -

My Choice:

  • The dress is from Zara,  it belongs to last year's FW season and cost me around 22€. One of the things I love most of this dress is the polo neck, so I don't have to wear a scarf or similar when it's cold.
  • The necklace is from a shop called 'Day a Day' and it cost me around 15€. They only have shops in Spain, Portugal and some countries in South America by now, but they plan to open a online shop very soon. I hope they do because they sell amazing stuff, check out their site if you have time.
  • The rings belong to my old 'vintage' collection lol , I can't even remember where I got them!
  • My ankle boots are from Lefties and cost me 45€. I talked about this shop other day at the end of this post, and what can I say...I simply adore them!

Can you see that brown bead? What the hell, I just noticed it!

My make-up:
I am wearing: (the pics below are in another order)

And that's all for now! I hope you liked this outfit.
Have a nice day!


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit! The green and brown go together so well, definitely a combination I will be trying out soon!
    HMLDN xx

    1. Yeah, those colours definitly work pretty well, glad you liked it! x

  2. Wow my favorite outfit i really love it!!!

  3. I love those brown shoe boots !!!

    Remember to check out my guest post by ANYA SARRE today on how to rock a holiday wardrobe!!

    - Fashion Ramble

    1. Thank you! I'll definitely check it, sounds great! x

  4. Haha "like a lettuce", no you look great! :) Following with GFC now and twitter, you can follow back here:
    Kristina xx

  5. Hi! I just nominated you for the Liebster Award! Be sure to check my blog out to find out more information! :)

    xx, Christine

  6. The Combination and the Choice of the colors are the most happening in this season. Thanks for your choice and great job.Please visit my Blog.

    Best Regards

  7. Great outfit. Love the green colour and the necklace is fab! x

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