Tuesday, September 3, 2013

AW13 Trend Alert: Tartan Spirit

Tartan print is one of the trends we have seen in the AW13 catwalks all over the world. Celebrities like  Sarah Jessica Parker, Rihanna, Emma Watson or Taylor Swift are just a few who have decided to embrace this trend and show their tartan dresses like authentic Highlands princesses on their last public appearances.

I particularly love this trend and most of my favourite highstreet fashion brands have added in their collections pieces with tartan prints, specially blazers, dresses and skirts. Why I love tartan so much?
Well, you can wear it in so many ways, and no matter which look you prefer: rebel, classic, feminine or more 'lolita style', tartan fits with all of them.

Geting the classic red tartan print and combine it with black accessories is the most commoun way to wear it, but you can be more risky, like Sarah Jessica Parker (just see in the picture above) and combine it with other colours like pink and white, to get a more 'lady' look.

Do you love tartan print as me?? Congratulations! It will be quite easy for you to find amazing tartan garments next season, here are some ideas!

Tartan Spirit

1. Tartan Tee- Topshop (shop here)
2. Tartan bag - Topshop (shop here)
3. Tartan Midi Skirt - Boohoo (Shop here)
4. Tartan cigarrette pants - River Island (Shop here)
5. Tartan dress - Marks&Spencer (Shop here)
6. Tartan Scarf - Accesorize (Shop here)

Friday, August 30, 2013

Real Techniques Core Collection Brushes Set - Review

Finally, I decided to invest in a good set of foundation brushes. Choosing a good set of brushes is as important as picking the right makeup for each one's face. I am an avid reader of beauty and makeup blogs and Real Techniques brushes are  the most used by beauty bloggers all over the world. In addition, I have read really good feedback about the Core Collection Set, so I ordered it in my last internet purchase.

The Core Collection includes a set of four  brushes. Each one is specific to get a flawless complexion when you are applying your foundation, concealer or powder brush.

  • Contour Brush: appropiate to apply highlighter to create a sheer finish.
  • Pointed Foundation Brush: used to apply liquid foundation easily.
  • Detailer Brush:  ideal for  either foundation or concealer application in especific areas like the sides of the nose or under the eyes.
  • Buffing Brush: ideal for powder or mineral foundations.
It's been a week since I have been using this collection of makeup brushes and I really have seen a difference from using my old ones. The application of makeup is much easier and spreads the foundation smoothly. The bristles are super soft, so if you have sensitive skin, these brushes are perfect for you!

Something I also like is the black case provided, in the set. You can use it to keep your brushes in when you're not using them and handy every time you'll need them.

I simply find this set perfect, and I definitively will be making my collection bigger. I think my next purchase will be the eye-definition collection. If they are as good as the Core Set, it's worth the price.

You can check out these and other type of brushes at Real Techniques website here

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

August Wishlist

Hello there! It is amazing how time flies!. The end of August is around the corner, that means summer is about to finish, and my mind is already looking for stuff that I can still keep wearing in the last days of summer but also in the next weeks, when weather is supposed to be a bit colder and less sunny.

Below are some examples of what I mean. Garments you can still combine with sandals for hot summer days, or tights in the first weeks of  autum, but still colorful and bright tones. Because my motto, till 21st of September arrives, is going to be: "Keep summer spirit as much as you can!"

August Wishlist

1. Denim Miniskirt - Topshop - Available here
2. Layla Gold Detailed Platforms - Topshop - Available here
3. Purple Scrunchie - American Apparel - Available here
4. Pink Maxi Skirt - Mango - Available here
5. Hydra-Smooth Lip Colour - Benefit - Available here
6. Bow Ring - Hellomissapple - Available here
7. Shopper Bag - Zara - Available here
8. Red Dress - Mango - Available here

Sunday, August 25, 2013

OOTD: Polka Dots Vintage Dress

I bet everyone of us keep in our wardrobe some special vintage dress,very old  garment, or piece of antique jewellery that we wouldn't get rid off, no matter what. I am in this situation with this vintage polka dress.

Why is this dress so special to me? I would say it is a piece of 'family legacy'. My grandmother made this dress for my mum in 1975. Some months later my parents got married and my mum took this dress for their honey moon journey all around Spain. My grandma was a seamtress and a truly visionary in the fashion world, as she used to create for my mum amazing dresses in the 70's that perfectly could fit in 2013. As an example, the dress I am wearing for today's OOTD post.

This dress is perfect for summer as it is made in chiffon. Everything including the black belt and the back buttons are the original ones. I have to thank my mum how well she has kept this dress safe through the years, till it could fit me!

I just wish I'd have a daughter in the uiture so she can keep the family tradition :)

*I complete the outfit with my black heels from Mango (last season)

Friday, August 23, 2013

Astor Mattitude HD Foundation - Review

Hello all! So, in my never-ending search for the perfect foundation, this time I have added Astor Mattitude HD Foundation to my makeup collection. Some weeks ago I got Astor's Mattitude Finishing Powder and it was quite good, so I decided to 'trust' once again in this brand.

As it st stated in the name "Mattitude", this foundation is made for oily/combination skin types, which usually  'suffer' with thse annoying and unflattering shinning areas, specially in the T-Zone. The gel formula, made for an easier application, and the 22 SPF, promises to be the perfect allied for all women with combination skin.

This makeup comes in the typical pump-bottle format, something I prefer than the normal 'tube' formats, as I think I don't waste product. The size is not bad (30ml) but I would have prefered a bigger format, specially if you're thinking about making of this foundation your daily makeup.

I my opinion I find this foundation really easy to apply. I don't need to use a foundation brush to get a flawless finishing, which it's perfect when you're in a hurry.I simply push the pump twice, and I have enough product for all face areas and neck. Oh! an I also want to point out that the smell is fantastic!

However, I was expecting a much better coverage. I am 30, and fortunatelly I hardly suffer from pimples and blackheads as much as I used ten years ago, but I still have old marks and some blemishes from time to time, and not all of them are covered with this foundation, which it is a bit dissapointing. Anyway, the matte effect lasts for quite a long time (around 4 or 5 hours without retouching it).

Would I buy this product in the future? I don't think so. The mattifying formula is excellent but I think they should work a bit in the coverage, which it's also very important.

For more info about this product and all available shades, visit their webpage in this link.

Monday, August 19, 2013

OOTD: Primark High-Waisted Jeans and Red Blouse

Today's been such a extremely hot day! Maybe it was the perfect day to wear something like shorts or a summer dress and not a pair of jeans, but I just couldn't help myself, so I put on my brand new high-waisted jeans from Primark. As I have been indoors most if the time with air-conditioned (in my opinion, the best invention in History, after TV and lipstick!)so wearing long pants hasn't been a problem at all, eventhough it was around 40ÂșC outside.

I found these pair of jeans in the last summer sales on Primark. I have never been a fan of any kind of high waisted pants, as they always remembered me of 80's, not particularly my favourite fashion decade. But when I found out that they were at just 7€ I decided to pick one and try them on! I was gladly surprised when I reallised how comfortable they are and they fit my too much little/skinny body shape quite well.

I complete the outfit with a navy-inspired  blouse in red from Zara (last year) with golden buttons at the front. The star pendant is from Sfera, and shoes from Mango (SS11)

Jeans- Primark
Blouse- Zara
Shoes- Mango

Sunday, August 18, 2013

I Love Street Markets, and You'll Know Why

Everybody that knows me enough is aware that I am a fan of street markets or the so called 'bazars'. Every time I am able to visit one, I just love to wander around or even get lost, wondering what pieces of jewellery 'llI find (I am proud to say that I am a pro finding great stuff!) or  amazing bargains.

My favourite street market by far is in the HUGE 250 year-old one in the city of Madrid. Each Sunday morning, 'El Rastro' opens with around 3500 different stalls, where you can find from the best vintage clothes, accesories, and unique antiques, making this place a paradise for collectors all over the world.

'El Rastro' on the XIX century and now.

Obviously, not all street markets are as big as the one in Madrid,but  most of cities have these 'magical places', how I like to call them. If you just take your time and patience to look and compare, you can always find really cute stuff.

If you have been visiting my blog, maybe you have noticed that most of all necklaces, rings and bracelets I show on my outfit posts are bought in these kind of markets.

Today I wanted t show you my latests purchases and probe that, sometimes, it's really worth to cope with a mass of people from time to time ;)

Statement collar: 4€
Chain coloured necklace 5€
Golden Necklace 2€ (yeah, ridiculous price...)
Spiked necklace 3€

What do you think about street markets?